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Freight Studio - Driver Console

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Freight Studio - Driver Console

Released June 1 - 2014

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Track each trip with all stops, mileage, expenses and expected earnings (and much more).  Integrated hours-of-service tracking with an actual log, and a planner's log to ensure compliance before a trip actually begins.  Supports 8/2 Split Berth, New (2013) HoS Reset Rules and Half-hour rest provision that remind you and help you to stay in compliance.  Many features (check the list below).

For MS Windows XP, 7, 8 - Introductory price $ 29.00 if you order during this pre-release cycle.



  • Complete driver/trip tracking
  • Hours of Service (Assistance) (Split Berth, New Reset Rules, New Half hour rest rule)  Use actual and testing log to ensure compliance at all times
  • Odometer, location and activity recording
  • Customer tracking, including site picture and location map; also captures directions and GPS coordinates
  • Mileage calculated automatically from one city to another for paid miles
  • Track all drops and picks
  • Use as much of DC or as little you want to.  If don't want to track customers and orders, you don't have to
  • Hazmat assistance for correct placarding, and hazmat database search (Canada & US) (Elements from Hazman software)
  • Weight distribution on axles assistance (Elements from GSCALE)
  • Load distribution assistance (Elements from GSCALE)
  • Multiple vehicles, tractors, tractors (unlimited)
  • Each trip in its own file with related miles traveled, fuel stops, picks and drops, expenses, layovers, wait time and expected revenue
  • Import customers from other Freight Studio users.  Select / reject by state or province.
  • US and Canadian Ports database (including sub-port ids for Canada)
  • US and Canadian customs brokers database
  • Truck stop database (Flying J, Pilot, Love's, Petro, T/A and a few select others), including parking spot count, type of food, fast food chain, etc.
  • Complete North American Area Code database fully integrated into customer editing functions
  • Miles/Kilometers by State and/or Province
  • ACI Border crossing procedure (in-bound to Canada) assistance with PARS tracking